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This breastplate has a removable martingale piece and all three points can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

Our clever Snap It-device enables you to quickly attach your martingale to your reins in one snap! Never again will you have to open the reins and insert them into the rings of the martingale. Just snap them on using the hook. Since you don’t have to open the reins, you can work more safely, reducing the risk of the horse stepping on the reins or getting loose. Just as easy in the wintertime, wearing gloves.

Exclusive english, vegetable tanned leather.

Metal details in gold color.

PS of Sweden’s Snap It is as durable as a regular martingale. It fits perfectly with the stops on the reins, and with our removable martingale stops.

Snap It is made in aluminum and has the PS logo engraved on one side. The hook has been designed to always open outward. The leather can be adjusted.

The attachment to the girth is without a clip.

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