Fibonacci Bridle


Harmonious proportions to create a better fit for your horse.

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Introducing the Fibonacci Bridle

Harmonious proportions to create a better fit
The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio you can find almost anywhere, like nature, architecture, painting, and music. When specifically applied to design specifically, it creates an organic, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing composition. This is the principle we have applied to the design of this bridle

What is the Golden Ratio?
Also known as the Golden Section, Golden Mean, Divine Proportion, or the Greek letter Phi, the Golden Ratio is a special number that approximately equals 1.618. The ratio itself comes from the Fibonacci sequence, a naturally occurring sequence of numbers that can be found everywhere, from the number of leaves on a tree to the shape of a seashell.Made from premium leather, this bridle features a anatomical design that follows the natural contours of your horse’s head, reducing pressure points and ensuring a perfect fit. The anatomically shaped headpiece and noseband are lined with soft padding, providing additional comfort and preventing rubbing.

The Fibonacci Bridle also boasts a number of functional features that make it ideal for use in the show ring or during training. The elegant and sophisticated design is accented with patent on the browband and noseband and the Vitruvian Horse crest stamped on the headpiece, making it a stylish addition to any riding ensemble.

Our uniquely padded headpiece provides poll relief and prevents pressure from being exerted on the back of the ears.

The flash strap and it’s attachment are completely removeable from the cavesson.

Whether you’re a competitive rider or simply looking for a high-quality bridle for everyday use, the Fibonacci Anatomical Bridle is the perfect choice. With its combination of comfort, functionality, and style, it is sure to become a staple in your tack room for years to come.

Custom sizes
Do you require a custom size? Full sized head but need extra-full cheekpieces and a cob noseband, dont worry we can help you get the best fit. Email and we will happily adjust a bridle to meet your requirements.

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