Saddle Pad PRO White & Black Dressage


The unique high-tech saddle pads from the PRO Collection by PS of Sweden are designed for the next level of the equestrian sport.

Top equestrians need high-tech horse tack that meet their incredibly large demand on function and sustainability. That is where the PRO Collection steppes in.

Tech-spec for PRO Collection saddle pads:

– Antimicrobial
– Antifungal
– Anti-slip & stop cushions
– Friction-free
– Dirt repellant
– Breathable
– Moisture-wicking
– Quick dry
– Airflow Mesh™
– Anatomical shape
– Shock absorbing
– Artificial sheepskin
– No-pressure-tunnel™

The fit of a saddle pad is of great importance to ensure that no pressure is added on the horse’s withers or back. With the PRO design, pressure is avoided thanks to the anatomical shape and the no-pressure-tunnel. The shock-absorbing pad collects all of the movement and absorbs it.

In order to be able to perform on top-level during the ride, all details matter. The saddle pad has to stay still to avoid friction and chafing and our technical, anatomical design and unique stop cushions ensure just that.

Not only are our saddle pads quick-drying but they also have our unique Air Flow Mesh™ along the spine to really increase the comfort and the airflow. The anti-fungal and antimicrobial material on the inside efficiently wicks away moisture and keep the saddle pad fresh.

Machine wash with similar colours at 30°c. Make sure to stretch the saddle pad when hanging to dry to prevent it from shrinking. The high quality makes the saddle pads sustainable in top shape for a long time if handled properly.

NOTE: Sizes are slightly larger than our Monogram saddle pads.

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