Be an organised Queen in your tack room with these simple tips.

A well organised tack room is essential for any equestrian.  Being organised comes easier to some than others, but I’ve found that creating a space that works for you and how you use it, is vital to staying to organised and tidy.   Being organised not only ensure the safety and longevity of your equipment but also contributes a more efficient riding experience.

This blog we will explore some valuable tips to help maintain a tidy tack room, so you can spend less time searching for your hoof pick and more time in the saddle. 

1.    Declutter regularly

That pony sweat sheet that you’ve had sitting on your shelf since you were a teenager, just incase you one day have a pony again – time to get rid of it.  Start your organisation by removing any items that are no longer in use, or have seen better days.  Donate, sell or dispose of anything that is taking up valuable real estate in your tack room and are no longer serving a purpose.  Us equestrians love to hoard, but I can assure you, you don’t need 60 saddle pads for your one horse. 

2.    Invest in quality storage solutions

Investing in storage solutions that work for your space are essential to an organised space.  Some options may seem a bit pricey, but remember, you only need to set up your tack room once.   It’s worth the price to invest in pieces that store your tack safely and securely.  When it comes to saddle racks, not all racks are created equal.  Make sure you have saddle rack that only touches your saddle along the tree, and wont dent your saddle panels.  This affects the flocking in your saddle, which in turn affects the fit of your saddle.  Shelving units with clear storage containers are a great way to store smaller items while still having them easily accessible.

3.    Label Everything

Labelling is a simple yet effective way to maintain order. Clearly label containers, drawers, and shelves so you can quickly locate what you need. This not only saves time but also helps others who may need to find or put away equipment in your absence.

4.    Clean Regularly

Now we have organised the space, its important to keep it clean.  Set a day each week that you perform a tack room reset, where you sweep out the space and wipe down the surfaces. Let’s be honest, we are guilty of chucking stuff down on a surface when we are in a rush, so set aside time to declutter.  Doing this weekly will help keep on top of it all.  I love doing this on a Sunday so I go into the new week with a clean and organised space.

5.    Create a drying area

Designate a space for wet or damp items to dry properly, such as saddle pads, blankets, and horse boots. Proper ventilation and drying racks will prevent mould from forming, extending the life of your equipment.  We have installed a drying rack in our stables that we can pop all the laundry on, and use a pulley system to pull it up out of the way while it all dries.

I always like to think that a tidy tack room = a tidy mind.  Taking the time to create an organised and functional space to work in will not only help you maximise your time spend at the barn but will also help your tack last longer with proper storage and care. 


Editor’s note: Not only is Alicia one of the Equestrio Style Team members but she has her very own business Barn and Anvil. They make New Zealand crafted stable décor to help you create your dream tack room.